What is the City doing?

    The City is developing a planning vision to bring together opportunities in the City’skey areas of focus and position Brampton as a future city and a hub for jobs and innovation. In other words, it aims to set Brampton apart from other suburban cities as a model city that people are proud to call home.

    The work focuses on understanding what Brampton can – and will be – in be in 25+ years, and how to get there.

    Why should it matter to me?

    Brampton has the right ingredients to be a future ready city. From a diverse, rapidly growing population, to a key position on the innovation super-corridor, we’ve got a lot going for us.

    We’re thinking bigger about our brilliant future – but to really be successful, we need your bright ideas. This is your city, and it’s important for us to know what its future looks like to you.

    How can I get involved?

    There are a number of ways for you to get involved between now and October 31.

    • At www.brampton.ca/futureready, you can share your bright ideas or vote for ideas that have already been submitted.
    • Our street teams will be at a variety of events and locations throughout the city this fall, and they’d love to talk to you. Check out the event listing here.
    • Finally, you can always email us at brightideas@brampton.ca, or send us messages on Twitter or Facebook with any questions or comments you have.

    What will the end result be – and when?

    The final planning vision will be a reflection of what we’ve heard from residents and businesses across Brampton. Once this round of community engagement is finished, all the input we receive will be used to help create the vision for Brampton’s future. The final vision will be presented in spring 2018. Be sure to check www.brampton.ca for updates, or email brightideas@brampton.ca with your questions.

    How can I get updates?

    Register at www.brampton.ca/futureready and let us know that you want to be kept informed about what’s going on.

    I keep hearing the term “future ready”, what does that mean?

    Moving Brampton forward to be a “future ready” city means thinking bigger about opportunities that fuel its vibrancy. It means thinking bigger about what Brampton will look like in 5, 10 and 25 years and beyond. Community input is critical – which is why we need you!

    Click here to learn more about our key areas of focus