Celebrating Culture

by Mary Marrello, 11 Sep 2017

There are many  experiences that I can share on the colourful and thriving cultures that exist throughout Brampton. You can experience most at the annual Carabram.  However having to commute to different venues is not ideal.  We had the right idea with this years Bjazzed and Food Fest on Sept 9.  Two thumbs up. This is exactly what we needed to showcase the diverse cultures that exist in Brampton. Bringing everyone together like this unites us and makes us stronger.  

Would love to see a day for each ethnic group to share their cultural experience in a stand alone event.  Ie: Latino Day, Indian, Italy, Portugal etc.  These events could lead up to grand finale at the Food Fest. 

I loved the stage and various spaces that were used for live music and dancing.  The crowd was able to flow nicely. 

Good work.  

PS; would be happy to get involved if need exists 


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Consultation has concluded. Thank you to everyone that contributed.